Cyanotype Series by Monica Flores

Cyanotypes is a mid-18th century photographic printing process that was created by the astronomer and chemist John Frederick William Herschel. The process incorporates two chemicals known as ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. When combined together, the 2 chemicals create a light sensitive emulsion that can produce photographic blueprints when coated onto fiber and exposed to UV light. Throughout the course of history, cyanotypes were utilized by photographers, scientists and engineers to create copies of drawings, photographs, architectural blue prints, botanicals and photograms.

Artist Statement:
Displaying my photography and graphic designs through the cyanotype process is my way of expressing the complexity, grittiness and dualities found within the various themes that I cover within my work. My work revolves around spirituality, identity, family and capturing the existence and resistance of artists of color found within non-contemporary art spaces.

Series 1: Por Amor a mi tierra // For the love of my land (2020)
Series 2: Ode to the Underground (2017-2018)
Cyanotype on watercolor paper
Series 3: Existir es resistir (2021)
Cyanotype on watercolor paper
11 x 15 inches
Series 4: NY GRITTY (2022)
Cyanotype on watercolor paper
Bronx Portraits (2018)
Cyanotype on Watercolor paper

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