Cyanotype Print Making “Sun Prints”
All Ages
Indoor/Outdoor Workshops

Participants will be given an introductory course on the historical photographic technique of cyanotype print making. I offer two levels of workshops.

Level 1 (Darkroom not required): Requiring only exposure to the sun and development in water, this workshop will provide participants with pre-coated cyanotype paper that will allow them to create photograms/ silhouetted images using natural elements such as leaves and ferns.

Level 2: (Darkroom required): This workshop will provide in-depth instructions on how to:
• Prepare cyanotype chemicals
• How to create a digitally printed photographic negative
• Methods of coating paper/fiber with the cyanotype chemicals
• Instruction on cyanotype exposure time to UV light
• Instruction on print washing & drying

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Flower Crown Workshop
All Ages
Indoor/Outdoor Activity

Learn how to create your own flower crown from scratch! Participants will be provided with a selection of flowers and will learn how to arrange their flower crown for all festivities. This workshop is hands on for all ages.

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